Blazers Media Day Wrap-Up

If you ask me, pro sports media days are the biggest tease in the world. The players haven’t played in four months, so there’s very little of substance to ask about — it’s a day burrowed deep in the cavern of sports hypotheticals when it just so happens that every player is made available to the media because they need to get their photos taken for previews and such things. So much for quenching that NBA thirst. The best we can ask for is some interesting stories to be revealed about the players and the relationships on the team, but it’s best to expect the pro equivalent of a verbal “What I Did This Summer” essay and be surprised with whatever else we get.

But player day isn’t until Monday, as Kevin Pritchard and Nate McMillan were the stars of the show Wednesday — so what did upper management have to say? Not much.

This was the best tidbit from Ben Golliver’s coverage, who as usual asked some questions that I’m sure nobody else would have:

During Monday’s Practice Facility Tour, Pritchard was full of praise for Rudy Fernandez and mentioned that he believes Rudy could start for a number of teams in the league. When asked about Jerryd Bayless today, Pritchard admitted that Rex was “anxious” to see some playing time but that he was handling the minutes crunch that accompanied the Andre Miller signing “like a pro.”  Asked if he thought Bayless was “frustrated” Pritchard said that was going too far. Asked if he thought there were situations around the league where Jerryd could possibly start, Pritchard didn’t disagree.

Bayless still doesn’t really have much of a choice right now other than to just work and make the best of his opportunities, but worst-case scenario is he pouts, ruins his value and tries to force a trade. I don’t see that happening right now.

Joe Freeman did most of the heavy lifting for Oregonlive so far, here’s his quick thoughts and a long story on Coach Nate, who naturally gave us the kind of thing you only hear on media day:

McMillan will open training camp on Tuesday with the starting lineup he featured virtually all of last season: Blake at point guard; Brandon Roy at shooting guard; Batum at small forward; LaMarcus Aldridge at power forward; and Przybilla at center.

Surprised? This is like saying you’re going to start with the same ingredients you made shepherd’s pie with even though your making a braised pork sandwich with scalloped potatoes, just because the shepherd’s pie was so good. The words mean nothing.

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