Morning Material: Top 10 NBA Meltdowns

Just some morning reading material I thought I’d pass along. Over at Ball Don’t Lie, Kelly Dwyer kept up with his top 10 lists, this time highlighting what he believed to be the top 10 NBA meltdowns of the decade. If you don’t know what topped the chart I’ll give you a hint: Ron Artest. However, I post this because the Blazers appear on this list 3 times. It’s always nice to take a look back at the insanity that was the last decade for the Blazers. Be thankful we’re debating Andre Miller v Steve Blake and ‘can we win 60 games?’ instead of ‘What is Sheed going to do next’ and trying to convince ourselves that Vladmir Stepania can play basketball. So thanks to Sheed, Ha Seung-Jin and Bonzi Wells for making Chris Mills so mad that he almost shot everyone.

  • Crystal Berra

    Hmmm. I don’t see Steve Nash getting the MVP as a meltdown. He had a great year that year and was still at the top of his game. Some of the others are pretty obscure also. They got the #1 right though. That was an easy one.


  • Coup

    I’ve never liked Nash winning any MVP’s, but the way I talk about it now is: It’s entirely possible we could have a back-to-back MVP winner actually not be in the Hall of Fame. There’s something very wrong with that.