Feel Good NBA Moment of the Decade: Mo Cheeks

Everyone loves lists because everyone loves to argue about lists. Rarely has one ever been constructed that nobody had a single dispute with. And this time of year, with training camp in the near future and most of the off-season transactions taken care of, you’ll see lists on a plethora of NBA websites. Do we mind? Not really, because it gives us something common to discuss. But Kelly Dwyer’s latest list, the top of the list especially, needs no discussion. There’s no argument. It’s just fact.

Here’s a little of what Dwyer had to say:

Everything about what Cheeks did just defined cool. He had to be 25 feet away from Gilbert as she first started to break up, separated by team employees, camera crews, wires, obstacles, whatever. But he managed to bound over there in seconds. Cheeks has never wanted much to do with the spotlight, from his playing career until now, and yet he didn’t hesitate for a second to make himself part of this story. Because this kid, this scared kid, needed help with her story.

I’m sure there’s not too many among you with many good memories of the Mo Cheeks era, even if it had nothing to do with Mo Cheeks. But without that era, we probably wouldn’t have the team we have today. We wouldn’t have Martell Webster. Wouldn’t have Travis Outlaw. And who knows if Natalie Gilbert would’ve finished her song.

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