Andre Miller speaks the truth..

Last night when I saw Brian T. Smith’s article in the Columbian titled “Miller says he expects to start for Blazers“, I didn’t know what to expect. My initial reaction was a mix of fear and anger considering I just attempted to make an argument as to why he should come off the bench and some official news would poop all over it.  Then I read the entire quotations and well he just comes off like a veteran who wants to start, wants to compete but more importantly wants to win. I know everyone will be stuck on this quote:

“I’m going in there as the starting point guard — there’s nothing else to it,”

And yeah it comes off a tad bit sour out of context. However,  in context, not so much. First off he’s flat out being honest. Any basketball player who says he doesn’t want to start is 96% lying right to your face. Any NBA player who says he doesn’t want to start is 99.999999% lying to your face. And any basketball player who says he doesn’t want to opportunity to compete for a starting job is just lying like OJ used to. I have no problem with Andre Miller wanting to start for this team, just like I have no problem with Steve Blake or Jerryd Bayless wanting the same thing. It’s all about competition. That’s why I don’t have a huge problem with that quote. He’s a 10-year veteran, a starter for the last night. There’s no reason he should not have that kind of swagger. The real quote that stuck with me was the following:

“So, I think right now, they’re pretty comfortable with a Steve Blake and the things that he’s done for the organization and the team. It’s just about which players play well with each other, and how the coaches plan to use them. I can’t control the coaches’ decision, as far as who’s on the court and the amount of time and all that. I just have to just do what I’m told, basically.”

All of what he said above was honest but most importantly it’s very true. Who plays when and where is going to depend on who plays well together. That’s why I put that part in bold. I’m currently still in an inner debate on whether Roy and Miller can play together, but if it’s obviously not working than he won’t start. (If it’s obviously not working, we’re kind of in trouble but I disgress). If it is, than we’ll see tons more Andre Miller than Steve Blake. Unfortunately that means we won’t be able to find out anything until the players hit the court. Nothing wrong with letting the mind wander though..

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  • ucatchtrout

    I believe Miller will start. The Blazers didn’t agree to pay him twenty two million dollars to give him Sergio Rodriguez 11-15 minutes and have him come off the bench.

    After I spent some time watching Millers highlight films on YouTube I came away convinced not only that he will fit in, he will be terrific. I’m sure the Blazers spent more time looking at Andre than this old man and his laptop. KP and company do their homework. By this time next year we’ll all be singing the praises of Andre Miller.

  • josh

    just because miller wont be starting doesnt mean he wont get more minutes. look at outlaw, ginobli, jason terry..

  • josh

    so here is what i think: Miller is a good veteran point guard who has been underrated for a long time. But on the topic of whether he should start or not, here is why it would be better for him to come off the bench; it actually has nothing to do with Andre Miler and the questions about him being able to play well with b-roy. they will do just fine together, i have little doubt about that. It has more to do with steve blake playing with second unit. for the sake of my argument/explanation, lets say that the starting unit looks something like this: Blake, Roy, Batum, Aldridge, and Pryzy (the same starting lineup as last season, which Nate said he planned on keeping the same). That would leave the second unit looking something like this: Miller, Rudy, Webster, Outlaw, Oden. If miller is starting and blake is in the second unit, where is the offense coming from? the only people on the floor will be a bumch of jump shooters. there is nobody there to initiate the offense, and this will lead to travis going one on one and and taking a few poor shots that are awesome when they go in and irritating when they dont (i like travis, he is one of my favorite players so dont take that the wrong way; i personally think he was forced in to taking some of those shots because of lack of offense). With blake starting and Miller coming off the bench, there will always be somebody on the floor (either Miller or Roy) who can take the ball to rim and either get two points or draw a foul. Miller also has a bit of a 3pt problem in that he is terrible at them, this way miller is surrounded by rudy, martell, and outlaw, all of whom are excellent three point shooters. this keeps their defenders honest, and if not, bang 3pts. Roy will also be surrounded by 3pt shooters in blake Batum, and aldridge can hit the long 2s to spread the defense.

  • Maynard G Krebs

    Josh…………..Dre’s 3 ball deficienecy will not hurt us,he can do so many other things, things that Blake Can’t.All the McMillan talk that Blake is the starting PG is all “CoachSpeak” for the Media.Like ucatchtrout says,They didn’t pay all those bones for Dre to come off of the Bench. Blake will be good to steady the Second unit.Dre has NEVER not started for a team he has played for.I just think Dre gives us a better chance to improve.

  • Maynard G Krebs

    By the way,no disrespect to Blake,he’s a great player who is our Steady Eddie.

  • josh

    like i said, miller will get the starting minutes! it just doesnt mean that he has to be in the game when it starts. he will play a bigger role than blake… look at it like this. blake will play 15-20 minutes and miller will play 25-30 minutes… but blake still starts.. its a very good strategy. we did it with batum and outlaw last season. miller and roy have a lot of the same skill sets and it would be very useful to have them playing while the other is on the bench. there playing time will overlap and will play minutes together its just that all of steves minutes (however few they are) will have to be played with the starting unti.. and dre three ball will not hurt us, its nice to have guys on the floor to spread the d but dre makes up for it in a lot of other ways. basically, what i am trying to say is, the best players dont have to start. and if dre does come off the bench he would make a great candidate for 6th man. Miller is going to play a huge role on this team.. i would predict that he is going to be the third option the team only behind Roy and lamarcas. Miller will be the best point guard on the team and will get the majority of the minutes, but that does not mean he has to start, and it really does not matter how much they make. ginobli is one of the best players on the spurs team and he comes off the bench. Nate would not have asked Miller what he thought about coming off the bench if he was not seriously looking in to what i am talking about, or even something esle that i am missing. Miller is going to play solid no matter where he is at in the rotation, blake will have a harder time though and he does a great job playing along side roy, and roy does a great job playing along side blake. I think my solution is very logical. But only time will tell if this is what they are doing. i could see them trying to do this to start the season off anyway reguardless of what they do later in the season just because blake knows our offense and miller could take some time to get use to it.