Blazers President: 'I think we have our LeBron or D-Wade'

Thought I’d pass along a little something something that raised my ears, kind of like when a dog hears someone at the door. This quote coming yesterday from Brian T. Smith of The Columbian’s Blazer Banter. When asked about the affect the Blazers non-c0smpolitan (aka small-market) status could have on free agency, here’s what Blazers President Larry Miller had to say about Brandon Roy:

“I think we have our LeBron (James) or Dwyane Wade with Brandon Roy. I think for us, though, that’s a part of it. We want to make sure when we recruit or bring free agents here that they want to be here.”

Pretty high praise for #7, but I think it’s high praise which he’s deserved. I think this quote would be very easy to misinterpret. Cleveland has the lure of playing w/ LeBron, Miami has D-Wade, Lakers have Kobe, Celtics have KG/Allen/Pierce. We have Brandon Roy. Now obviously, as evidenced by Turko-gate, that may not be enough. But with a couple more great years, people are not going to mind coming to Portland to play with thsi guy. I can already see it. The quote is also interesting because it’s clear that this franchise is going as far as Brandon Roy takes us. Now, as we get closer and closer to the season I’ll make an argument that a lot of how well we do this season depends on a guy wearing the #12 jersey, but we all know without Roy we’re French Toast. The fans know it but so does the organization and they are not shy about letting the world know as well. Just thinking out loud now, I wonder how many people in the world would not even entertain putting Roy on that kind of superstar level. Honestly, as good as Brandon Roy is, I feel like if I went into an argument with any person who thinks they know a little bit about the game and said that B-Roy was a top 10 or top 15 player, I’d get laughed out of the building. Hmmm.

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  • Walker

    Derrick freaking Rose got a vote. None for Brandon.

  • Don

    Brandon will get more recognition as the Blazers push deeper into the playoffs (hopefully this year). Rose got a vote simply because he plays in a much bigger market. Who cares. Things will correct themselves.

  • tssbro

    “without Roy we’re french toast…”

    Of course Roy elevates this team and is the reason people think the Blazers have an outside shot at the WCF this season. But if Roy goes down, are the Blazers really horrible?? It sure would make things a lot tougher and advancing to the WCF would not be a realistic expectation; but even without Roy, I think you have at the very least a playoff contender. Miller, Rudy, Blake and Bayless won’t get run out of many games and Webster is an option at the 2 guard in some situations too.
    There would be a lot more questions with Roy out of the line up, but there are a lot of options that could answer those questions also.

  • SJ

    The Blazers aren’t ‘horrible’ without Roy, but I think you just illustrated my point. Without Roy we go from a team who can contend for a conference title, to a team whose trying to get in the playoffs. Could you have imagined what would have happened to Portland in that Houston series without Brandon Roy? I don’t want to think about it. There are options, but none of those guys can do what Roy does.