Realistic Expectations…

I was tweeting about this yesterday, and I’m still thinking about…what are realistic expectations for this Blazer team?? Last year, Coup and myself (rightfully) downplayed the hype and grand expectations to just hope to make it to the playoffs. Obviously, just scraping into the playoffs this year would be a complete disappointment. However, we’re looking at coming back after a 54-win season with minimal losses (sorry Channing and Sergio but I’m not sorry), the addition of Andre Miller (upgrade at PG either way you slice it), the potential growth of Greg Oden, Rudy Fernandez, Nic Batum, the return of Martell Webster…I could keep going. Things are definitely looking up. My question to you RCP-world…is it right to believe Portland can make the leap to 60 wins? Ready to leapfrog Denver and win the division? To believe Portland is one of the elite teams in the West (thanks Hollinger)? To think that the Blazers are ready to hang with the Spurs and Lakers for the real trophy? All of these questions are in the realm of things this Blazer team can accomplish. However, in my head the major goals for Portland this year are to get home court advantage and get out of the first round. That’s all I want. Am I aiming low? Talk to me people.

  • Bust a Bucket

    I’m with you, home court, get out of the first round, then go from there.

  • Eric

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to see the Blazers in the conference finals. The Spurs have to prove they can stay healthy before they can truly be considered a threat. Denver will make it a tough race to win the division though. A playoff matchup against them would be interesting. I’m also curious to see what happens with the Hornets. They were one of my favorite teams to watch in the 07-08 season. Not convinced that getting Okafor is anything more than a lateral move.

  • Don

    Yeah…too low.

    Set your sites high. Results will follow.


    I think anything short of the championship is selling us short. We have kicked the lakers ass and the nuggets too. think bigger!!!!

  • tssbro

    My expectation is for them to take another step forward. Getting to the second round is the next step regardless if they finish with homecourt or not. Even a few less regular season wins wouldn’t be a step back if they can advance past the first round.

    That said: I would not be surprised if they were able to get into the WCF or even the Finals. The past three years I have been told I am a homer when I express how good I think the team can be; and then they go out and surpass what “clear thinking, objective people” predict for them. It could happen again this year with Miller, Webster, Batum, Rudy and especially Oden looking to be bigger contributors this season.