Brandon Roy likes Andre Miller. A Lot.

From a transcript of B-Roy’s recent interview on 95.5 The Game (credit: Sports Radio Interviews) Just thought I’d pass it along because it’s a somewhat intriguing read. Especially if you’re like me and have been skeptical about Andre Miller coming to Portland for 17 or so days. When #7 speaks,everyone listens. :

On what Andre Miller brings to the Blazers:

“I think the biggest thing he’ll bring is leadership to our team.  Me, and LaMarcus, and coach Nate of course have tried to do that; even coach Nate would say that you need a player out there to do it.  I would go to coach Nate a number of times this season and say, ‘You know, coach, there’s times during the game I wish there was an older, veteran guy around to help maybe show me the way.’  I think that Andre Miller, he’s the perfect guy for that.  And, not only help me out, I think Greg and LaMarcus will benefit extremely from having a pass first point guard, and a point guard that has an aura about himself.  He’s a crafty guy, he’s been in this league for a number of years, and he’s excited about being here, and he’s excited about making us better.  So, that makes me think that, ‘Eh, this guy’s gonna help make this team even better than a 54-win team.”

  • Walker

    I have to admit I’m warming to Dre being a Blazer. I feel like he’s A) going to overcome poor perimeter shooting with his savvy and B) at a bargain, if this experiment fails we don’t lose much. If anything I hope his experience rubs off on Steve (so next time he calls timeout instead of jacking up an angle three pointer). Not the best signing possible but I think it’s still better than just a lateral move.

  • SJ

    I’m also warming up to Andre Miller being a Blazer. For one, because B-Roy says so. Secondly, because no matter what way you slice it he’s an upgrade over Steve Blake. Lastly, in a perfect world we now have the option to trade Steve Blake and/or Travis Outlaw without being screwed six ways from Sunday. I’ll be honest, even though I’m warming to the move…I still think that this move doesn’t enter the ‘home run’ category until (or if) we make another move.

  • Jamal

    This does not allow us to trade steve blake unless we got an elite PG for him and outlaw. I doubt that will happen so to trade Steve Blake and Outlaw for a PG who is equal or less than Miller is counterproductive. Steve knows the system well and has tremendous chemistry with the rest of the team. If we were to trade Steve Blake and Outlaw for say, a PF we would have a gaping hole at PG. Bayless isn’t ready to be a true PG as was showed during summer league. We need Miller and Blake. Signing Andre was a necessity.