Brandon Roy and Blazers make a deal

As reported yesterday by Jason Quick (also ESPN and AWoj of Yahoo Sports), Brandon Roy and the Portland Trail Blazers have agreed to a 5-year deal, said to be reportedly worth $82 million. The 5th and final year is a player option. Fun facts from Quick’s piece:

“The $82 million would be the second largest deal in Blazers history, behind the six-year, $84 million deal the Blazers awarded Zach Randolph in 2004. The $20.1 million Roy could earn in the last year would be the highest single-season salary in team history, topping the $19.7 million Scottie Pippen made in the final year of his contract in 2002-03.”

Great to have #7 back in the fold for a very, very long time. I’m not sure what else to say about this, it’s clear that Brandon Roy IS the Portland Trail Blazers and now we all know he will be for a very long time. In this day and age , it’s just refreshing to see a player and an organization work so hard to stay together like these two sides have. And despite the “bumps” in the road, I don’t think there was any doubt that Portland was going to get this deal done. Now onto LaMarcus.

One last thing about the whole Brandon Roy “saga”. I think back to those silly, silly statements and comments that were made during the whole “OMG PORTLAND IS STIFFING BROY WTF” era. I laugh. I laugh hard. I tweeted about it yesterday and Ben over at Blazer’s Edge has a heck of a post about it, but let me just say that this whole B-Roy “drama” should make people think twice. It’s great to care about the franchise, but to panic and think that Portland wasn’t going to sign Brandon Roy to an extension was just silly. It still makes me chuckle to this day thinking about some of those statements. At the same time it was one of those moments where as a Blazer fan I wanted to cringe. Let’s stay classy, y’all.

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  • Sophia

    I am not sure fans were convinced the team would let Brandon walk, rather reacting to the negative press.


  • SJ

    True, but there were also some who reacted as if Portland was trying to low-ball Roy and didn’t want to bring him back. I wouldn’t lie about that one. The majority may have been responding towards the press, but oh boy.

  • Raaaaaaaandy

    Blazers were never goin to low-ball Roy. It was just a facade so that other blazers don’t expect special treatment too when it is time for their contract talks. It would not have gone over well with Lamarcus “I love holding grudges” Aldrige if Brandon was handed a max contract on a silver platter right off the bat and LA, most likely, isn’t.

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