Report: Andre Miller meets with Blazers

Yesterday, the dormant Andre Miller-to-Portland talks re-emerged. Today, Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports reports that Andre Miller has met with officials from both the Blazers and the Knicks. According to the report, Miller met with Nate McMillan on Saturday but there is no deal on the way.

Groan. I’d much rather hear about the Blazers taking to Lamar Odom and David Lee or working on an uneven trade than sniffing around Andre Miller. I’d even rather have Portland talking to Ramon Sessions than Andre Miller, he’s at least got upside going for him. We’ve already stated our case against him, and if ‘the move’ of the summer and of the year when we have cap space is getting Andre Miller I will be highly disappointed. No offense to Andre Miller but I’m not sure you can argue that he makes this team much better. I’m not sure you can argue that he turns this team from a good playoff team to a championship contender. And I’m pretty sure that’s wht the next move was supposed to be. I’m not starting to get concerned but I am trying to figure out what happened to all the cold, calculated moves of the past.

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  • Bump

    I may be in the minority here, but I would love to see Andre Miller in black and red. The main issue here is he will allow Roy to explode from the 2 full time. Also, he does so many things that this team needs.. He knows how to get to the rim. He can set up the pick and roll as good as any 1 in the league. He can feed the post. He can post up smaller PG’s. Has a good 15-17 footer. He can push the rock or run the half court with equal efficiency. Only downfall I see is he is a huge liability on D. But Miller with Bayless coming off the bench would be sweet.. Even sweeter if we can work out a sign and trade for Miller and dump Blake and Outlaw to the Sixers.

  • Short White Boy

    I agree with you Bump that signing Miller would be a good move. The Blazers’ weakest spots are at PG and then SF (although both Outlaw and Rudy have done a good job there & will only get better). With LaMarcus at the 4, I don’t think there’s much point in going after David Lee. Odom could work since he could play SF (although he’ll have trouble guarding some of the faster SFs at this point in his career). The point though is that the biggest hole is at PG, and while Blake’s been serviceable, he’s pretty much hit his ceiling. So I think Miller would be a step up. My concern is actually less that Miller is a worse defender than Blake, but that he’s not the stand-still 3-pt shooter that Blake is, which is necessary to space the floor for Oden & Aldridge down low and Roy’s slashing.

  • Raaaaaaaandy

    “I would love to see Andre Miller in black and red”… you already can. In Philadelphia.

    I hope he stays there too.

  • Kevin

    As a 76ers fan who has watched just about every single game Miller has played since they traded for him I will say YOU WANT THIS GUY ON YOUR TEAM! He is one of the most underrated point gaurds in the league. He makes everyone around him better and the 76ers without a doubt do not make the playoffs the last two years without him. I have been very impressed with him the last two years. Honestly have not seen many true point gaurds like him. Certainly not in Philly :) One of his best qualities is knowing when to take over the game. He has a great sense when to step up and lead and he HATES TO LOSE. He is a quiet guy, but he is one of the most competitve guys I have seen play. He is Tough and reliable. He is older, but almost never has been injured. Any team would be lucky to have him.

  • Coup

    Nobody can disagree with what people are saying about Miller’s affect on an offense. He’s one of if not the best in the league at throwing the lob, and his post-mid range game is nice.

    But the shot, and the fact that he’s never really played with dominant big men (a year or so with Brand aside), is a HUGE concern. Almost all the teams Miller has been successful on have been up-tempo, or at least certainly nowhere near the pace Portland plays at. Yes, I think he’d improve our offense in some respects, but he’d also make most guy’s lives tougher in the half-court game, depending on the lineup. Think about it this way, would you want Miller on your team if you had Shaq/Yao/Howard at the 5 spot?

    All that said, I think there are creative things the Blazers could do with him (like putting him in with small-ball lineups) but they aren’t things that I want to make our big acquisition for the summer.

    That’s what it comes down to. Price. Use all our cap space on him? Heck no. Sign-and-trade with Blake? Maybe.

  • ryan

    3 ball anyone?!?!?!?!
    that was a big part of the O last year… the drive and kick.

    it might work if we start martell webster at the 3, but id hate to see brandon become a jumpshooter, the team wins when he is attacking the basket and getting to the line