Utah will match offer for Paul Millsap

It’s time to give up on those Paul Millsap pipe dreams. And in other news, people gambled in Vegas. I wonder if the next offer will be as “toxic” or if the Blazers will, in the future, be more environmentaly conscious:

The Utah Jazz will match the four-year, $32 million offer the Portland Trail Blazers tendered their restricted free agent Paul Millsap, the team posted on its Web site and a league source confirmed to ESPN.com Thursday evening.

So what’s next. David Lee? Raymond Felton? Lamar Odom? A trade for Hinrich or any other player? Stand pat?

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  • Billyjoejack

    What about big baby see if Boston Matches

  • Bump

    just stand pat KP, pull a trade before the Feb deadline.. Im sure there will be some sort of fire sale on a team who isnt up to par at the midway point and will be trying to dump a good player to clear cap space for the ’10 sweepstakes.

  • Raaaaaaaandy

    the next move is pay Brandon and LA. I understand Blazers putting up a fight and not bowing down to Brandon’s demands right away – so to not give off the impression to the rest of the team that he gets special treatment and everyone else will not when their contracts are running out… but now its getting silly. Let’s just play with what we got now and see what’s available at the trade deadline (because there’s nothing good left anymore). We’ll be in the Western race still around then anyways so let’s evaluate what we actually need for the end of season push and playoffs and act accordingly.

    We need to get rid of one SF though now.

  • Billyjoejack

    Paul Believes Hornets Could Deal Him
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    Jul 17, 2009 9:05 AM EST
    Chris Paul believes that the Hornets could trade him because of their financial situation.

    New Orleans is set to be over the luxury tax, and might have to bite the bullet and deal away some big contracts.

    “In this league, anything can happen,” Paul told Pro Basketball News on Thursday. “I can be dealt.”

    Paul was then asked if he seriously thought he could