Rip City Project at Vegas Summer League

Flying over to Las Vegas tonight in time for the Blazers’ first Summer League game against Toronto tomorrow at 5 p.m. We unfortunately won’t have media access as we planned, but both SJ and I will be down there for the duration, tweeting from the stands (remember to follow and possibly live blogging. With that in mind, what interests you most about SL? What would you like to see from us? We plan on doing a ton of writing and tweeting, but if you have specific questions or areas of interest, just let us know in the comments section. I’m sure 8 days in the desert will be plenty of time to give everyone what they want.

  • Don

    I really only have one main question from Summer League.

    Can Jerryd Bayless direct a team as a point guard?

    We saw what he could do last year – he can tear it up in Summer League. Now, what will he do with the role he is going to need to embrace in order to play for this Blazer squad?

    Is he capable of slashing and finding the open man, of leading a team through various plays, of hitting the open shots when the defense sags? That’s what I want to know.

  • Bump

    here is my question, ultimately… Why don’t we trade Bayless? Let’s be real here… it is very possible that grooming Bayless to be a “true point guard” canbe fitting a square peg in a round hole. The guy is a combo guard, who can score at will… Find a spot for him to play at that capacity, or trade him for some value! – It’s obvious that he won’t be playing SG over Roy. So his minutes will have to come at the 1. I guess Nate wants his point to run the plays.. But does it even matter as long as you have ONE guy on the floor that you can run the plays through at all times? Roy or Rudy can do this. Roy can set up the offense with Bayless in the lineup and Rudy can run it with Roy in and Webster @ the 3… Point guard by committee seems sensible. I dont know.. Just starting to see the reality of it in a way…

  • Don

    After watching game 1, I’m encouraged that Jerryd CAN play PG. He’s just about 1/2 a season away from really contributing. It will be interesting to see how he gets minutes, and barring any last minute trades/acquisitions by Portland at PG, he should get plenty.

    I’ll be watching closely tonight to see if coaches or ??? spoke to him about going left. GO LEFT YOUNG MAN!!! Also, will his defense improve. Tonight, we’ll know a lot more.