Report: Portland offers Paul Millsap


Earlier today in his farewall to Brandon Bass post, Coup asked “How long does it take to “prepare” an offer to Paul Millsap?”

The answer: not that long.’s Chris Broussard broke the news about 10 minutes ago. Here’s exactly what he said:

The Portland Trail Blazers have offered Utah Jazz free agent Paul Millsap a four-year contract worth between $32 million and $36 million, according to league sources.

The offer includes a hefty signing bonus that will make it difficult for Utah to match. The Jazz will be presented with the offer Saturday and have seven days to match because Millsap is a restricted free agent.

Nothing much to add to it as we play the waiting game. I myself am pleased that this is finally going down. Although I’m a bit fearful that with KP’s luck, the Jazz  match leading us to move to the Spanish alphabet to find more letters for the next plan. Also glad to get some stronger feelings that all this Millsap talk isn’t just to get Kirk Hinrich. And that people will finally stop talking about Bayless for Hinrich (aka pure idiocy). Or Brandon Roy not wanting to stay in Portland. Or LaMarcus being unhappy. Lowkey, people are freaking out worse than Jessie Spano on caffeine pills.

UPDATE 7:42 ET: Just to clear up some issues on the effect an offer sheet has on Portland’s cap space, here’s two sections from the NBA Salary Cap FAQ:

There can be no compensation given to a team in return for their not matching an offer to a restricted free agent. For example, Houston could not sign Golden State’s restricted free agent, then send Golden State a draft pick in exchange for their not matching the offer and retaining the player.

…and the team’s cap room is tied up while the offer sheet is outstanding

This essentially means the Blazers can’t do anything involving the Jazz during the seven days Utah has to match the offer sheet (so no three-way trades to get Boozer to Chicago and Hinrich to Portland) and can’t make any deals that would make use of their cap space. So unless they find a balanced deal they like somewhere (and Blake/Outlaw for Hinrich doesn’t sound likely anymore), the next seven days will be quiet. Of course, I still believe Paul Millsap has to actually sign the offer sheet, too.

UPDATE: Millsap has officially signed the offer sheet. T-Minus 7 days and counting. (via

UPDATE SATURDAY: Forgot to mention one important thing yesterday, a deal can be made in the next 7 days because the CBA allows an offer sheet to be taken back, if both teams and the player involved agree to it. So if Millsap agrees to void the deal in lieu of a trade worked out between Portland, Utah and whomever else, it can be done, just more than a few people need to sign off on it.

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  • Walter

    Are you saying that no three-way deal could go forward because Portland doesn’t have cap space left? Certainly, the Blazers could make a deal that included the Jazz if they could swing it financially, just not one that compensated Utah for not signing Millsap. For instance, say the rumored trade went forward: Boozer to Chicago, Hinrich to Portland, and whatever. Then the Jazz could sign Millsap’s sheet. This seems perfectly legitimate according to free agency rules. The Jazz are in no way being compensated for *not* signing something. Indeed, the trade would have nothing to do with Millsap directly.

  • Coup

    That can’t happen because Portland’s cap space is tied up in Millsap right now, and they would need the space to facilitate that trade. Of course, if all three parties agreed to void the offer sheet, then the cap space is free to be used. So while the offer sheet is on the table, their options for a lopsided trade are limited to the million or so they didn’t offer Millsap.

    Now if they were sending Blake/Outlaw (whose contracts match up with Hinrich’s) then I think they can swing that 3-way deal without rescinding the Millsap contract.

  • Coup

    And before anyone says “Well why doesn’t everyone just agree to void the offer if they find a trade,” that’s not as easy as it sounds. If the Jazz get rid of Boozer and no longer have to match an offer from Portland, Utah is not obligated to give Millsap as much money as the Blazers did — and Millsap’s agent knows this, so getting him to agree on voiding the sheet would be difficult. And remember that if Portland used their cap space to make a lopsided trade for say, Hinrich, they wouldn’t have any left to offer free-agents (which is what kills me, because I’ve always thought a successful summer would be adding a quality free agent at some position AND getting Hinrich through trade, which doesn’t look too likely right now).

  • Bump

    IMHO, we can live without Hinrich… BUT it looks like another year with Blake… And I just hope Bayless can push him for starting minutes.

  • Bump

    a trade can still materialize after the 7 day period.. Because if Utah feels strongly enough about matching for Millsap, they HAVE to ship Boozer. Here is where it gets interesting… The Bulls want Bayless, KP said Bayless in untouchable, at least in the capacity of the offer on the table. So, if Utah cant move Boozer by the 7th day, they are really in a rock and a hard place. If they match, KP just pulled off a brilliant move. Because Utah is screwed AND KP now has 8 million again to go and toy with Lamar Odom to stress the Lakers. So it really is a win/win.. And a trade involving Outlaw/Blake can always be swung at a later date.