Chad Ford on Blazers off-season: 'early results disappointing'

Just something to discuss today as the Blazers continue to be in ‘quiet before the storm’ mode. Only named that because of the fact that ‘quiet before the storm’ sounds way better than ‘OMG WTF ARE WE GONNA DO’ mode. Or pondering the fact that after the whole Turkoglu thing, KP could be on his couch in a white undershirt, downing Ben & Jerry’s and watching The Breakup for the 10th time this week. Just easier for my sanity. Back to the post, over at ESPN, Chad Ford has already ranked all 30 teams based on their moves this off-season. Where did the Blazers clock in?

#18. Not too bad when you consider on the list we’re the highest ranked team who has no ‘key addition’ aka has made no moves.

Here’s what Ford had to say:

“Kevin Pritchard is the most active GM in the league. That’s why it’s such a shock to be wondering what he’s up to on July 8. The team made a huge pitch to Hedo Turkoglu but was left at the altar for the more cosmopolitan Raptors. The Blazers’ draft was a disappointment, as well. Pritchard tried to move up high in the draft but couldn’t. He ended up taking Spanish forward Victor Claver, who won’t play in the league for at least the next two years.

The Blazers are saying they’ll be patient. They have cap room and could make a run at David Lee. Or they could sit back and try to be a trade partner for a team trying to clear room. But for a team that came out of the gates saying it had the green light to “go for it” and make a major upgrade, the early results are disappointing.”

The dreaded ‘D’ word in full effect. Such a strong word too, I mean you remember growing up and it always hurt more when your parents pulled the “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” card on you. It stings the nostrils of the heart. I’m definitely not disappointed, I think that’s too strong of a word for the moment. The only moment of the off-season that I would put close to the ‘disappointing’ side is the lack of aggression in trying to get Antonio McDyess and Jason Kidd. It’s fine we didn’t get either but I always felt like McDyess would have been a great fit and seemingly we were just never in there. Now don’t get me wrong if it’s September and we’re staring at the same roster, then I might go over to that side for sure. If we overpay David Lee or get Andre Miller, I’ll be on that side. For right now, I’m preaching patience. For one the off-season just truly began. It would have been great to get Turkoglu but it’s OK we didn’t. I’d much rather have this sort of patience than just making moves to make moves.

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