Free Agency Plan Z = David Lee?

Take this with however many grains of salt you like. Marc Berman of the New York Post reports that the whole Losing Hedo saga may lead to Portland going after David Lee. Quotables from the story:

“The Blazers have long lusted after Lee, who also seeks $10 million per season, exactly the amount the Blazers are under the cap. Bartlestein said because Lee is restricted, the Blazers were fearful of waiting 10 days to see if the Knicks would match and instead jumped at the surer thing in Turkoglu.”

“We had been talking, but we’ll talk now,” Lee’s agent Mark Bartlestein told The Post last night.”

Don’t get me wrong, I like David Lee. I like him a lot. Two issues. One, how on earth would Portland be able to convince him to come here knowing he will be a backup as long as LMA is around. (And all signs point to LMA being around a long, long time). Secondly, I don’t feel comfortable giving a backup $10 million dollars a year. Third, I personnally don’t like Lee for $10 million. Just like I’m still lukewarm on Hinrich because of his hefty price-tag. With Pendergraph and Cunningham on board, we should be ‘ok’ enough at the backup 4 to not have to throw $10 million dollars at David Lee if you ask me.

The article also links Nate Robinson and Portland, which kind of made my stomach a little queasy and considering all the eating I’m about to do today….I don’t need that.

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  • Bump

    No, to David Lee.. Please… And a BIG NO to Nate Robinson. I can’t imagine how Nate would fit on this team. We need a PG that can get to the rim, and Nate can do that. But he cannot see the court, cant feed the post as well as somebody like Andre Miller. And, let’s mention defense.. Defensively the guy is amazing, in an awful way. Personally, if we are going to bring a defensive liability in @ PG I would MUCH prefer it to be Andre Miller. If anything package Blake/Outlaw + Picks and Cash for Devin Harris.. With the cap room we have KP can pull a Pritch-Slap. Im afraid NJ would ask for Bayless…Also worth mentioning. I would love to see KP take that 9 mil cap space to drive Odoms asking price through the roof for the Lakers.

  • Billyjoejack

    The Blazers still need a back up power forward and IMO Antonio McDyess is that player that they need at that spot.A very good Vet.
    Mark ‘Dyess’ down for a double-double each night. After re-joining Detroit mid-season, the polite veteran posted a workmanlike 10 points and 10 rebounds per game. McDyess could replace Yao in Houston, where he, coincidentally, has his off-season home. But if KP can Make him an offer and let him know Portland is where he needs to be if he wants a RING. The Blazers need McDyess as their back up power forward/Center

  • Bump

    ^^^ If we could get Dice in and do a trade for Devin Harris and even a sign and trade with Blake for Miller. I’d be very happy.. We have to find a way to dump Outlaw so I pray that Devin Harris is on KP’s radar. But yea, Dice would be just what the doctor ordered for the backup 4. Call me crazy… But Sheed is an option too… Sheeds flamboyant personality was hugely exaggerated IMO.

  • Bump

    ^ sorry, I meant a trade for Devin Harris OR a sign and trade with Blake/Miller

  • Gudmund

    These rumors never tell the whole story. I LOVE the addition of David Lee off the bench for us in a 4/5 role. When playing with Oden he plays the slashing rebounder from the weakside, and when on the floor with LaMarcus he can mix it up down low while LaMarcus floats on the perimeter. This would obviously limit Joel’s minutes, but Lee is so versatile. I’m okay not seeing Joel on the floor as much. However, I am NOT okay paying 10 million for a bench player.

    Therein lies the problem, and here’s where the rumors come in. I think it is VERY likely that the Blazers are talking to Lee’s agent about serving as the third team in a sign-and-trade. Lee will be a BYC player, so the Knicks can only take back 5-6 million for his outgoing 10 million dollar contract. If the Knicks send Lee somewhere, that team can send us a large salary player, which we can absorb with our cap space, and then we can send the Knicks a smaller salaried player to make the trade work. Something like this could work: Lee signed for 10 million and traded to Charlotte, Gerald Wallace to the Blazers, and Travis Outlaw to the Knicks. The Knicks would probably seek some other type of compensation, like cash/right to foreign players/draft picks. This is just an example, but I’m guessing this is the type of deal the Blazers have contacted Lee’s agent about.

  • Bump

    ^^^ Gerald Wallace would be a home run IMO

  • Brett

    Are there any good point guards out there we could aquire with a tade/salary cap buy? Heck I would take Lamar Odom as our point guard.

  • Coup

    Ramon Sessions is a Restricted Free Agent, Kirk Hinrich is said to be available via trade. Those are the two most common names popping up.

    Some people would say Devin Harris can be had. I doubt that.