Ariza commits to Rockets, Blazers focus still on Hedo

So much for that “late bid” that Portland supposedly threw in for the services on Trevor Ariza. Confirming rumors that were floating around all day, Trevor Ariza will sign with the Houston Rockets, essentially completing the non-trade trade of Ron Artest-for-Ariza. That’s one less small forward for Portland to worry about in their pursuit of Turkoglu, but it also might ramp up the competition from Toronto if they should desire.

You might think I’m crazy, but I’d rather have Turkoglu right now than Ariza, even considering age. The Blazers already have a carbon-copy, skills-wise but not experience-wise, in Nic Batum, and the playmaking of Turkoglu is going to do more for the players around him. The Blazers needed someone to make plays for others, not play off others. As for the defense angle, lets hope Kirk Hinrich is the answer to that.

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  • Brett

    Your right I think your crazy. We got enough offense. I wish we could have 2 Batums. Wasnt anyone watching the playoffs!!! Turkapoo’s defense is horrible. Carbon copy Hinrich/Blake #@%??. I hope Toronto picks up the POO.

  • Eric

    Let’s get Hedo and Hinrich. I’m on board with that. Not that interested in Ariza.

  • Karl

    I can take or leave Hedo for Portland, we are already stacked in the forward department. But I would like to see Hinrich come in, Blake is a great player but Kirk is better, and Blake would be a dependable and fantastic reserve PG to pull off the bench keeping Hinrich healthy and energized.

  • Jordan

    Sign Hedo and trade to get Kirk. So many people say that Hedo is to old… He’s only 30. And we need some older veterans now. We already have gone threw “getting younger” stage and now need to complement our young talent with some veterans that can shed some light on the younger guys. Hedo will set up Oden nice, just like he did with Howard. And Kirk will be a nice upgrade over Blake. Having Kirk, Roy, Turk, LA, Oden – as your starters is pretty damn nice. You’ve got Kirk who can set guys up and shoot the lights out, Roy who is an absolute beast, Turk who can set up LA or Oden and create his own shots, not to mention shoot the lights out, LA who is continuing to prove he is an All-Star, and Oden who with Turk would improve at a much faster pace. Welcome to the Blazers Hedo!

  • Tyler

    In order to get Kirk, we are GOING to have to give up outlaw/blake. Hence why Hedo to Portland!
    He is going to command double teams, just like Roy and Alridge, and you know you cant double team 3 guys. Portland 09-10!!