Report: Rudy Fernandez ‘infuriated’ by Blazers pursuit of Turkoglu

Bombshell of the day material and it is coming right out of left field. Chris Sheridan over at reports that Portland’s pursuit of Hedo Turkoglu has ‘infuriated’ Rudy Fernandez.

That’s right. According to this report, if Rudy was a smiley face he’d definitely be the one en fuego right now. According to Sheridan, he’s not just mad….he may bolt:

“Portland’s pursuit of a certain player from Turkey has infuriated the Trail Blazers’ lone remaining Spanish player, Rudy Fernandez, to the point where he’d prefer to play in Greece, Russia or even Spain again, learned Tuesday.

A league source told that Fernandez has already been courted informally by European powerhouses Olympiacos, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and CSKA Moscow.”

To be honest with you, I’m not sure what to make of this. My gut reaction is ‘Huh?’ followed by “Hmm” and then jus confusion. I mean, obviously there must be some sort of level of credibility to this source considering it’s currently linked on the front page of However, at the same time, I’m putting this with the rest of the off-season rumors that start popping up around the first few days of the free agency period. If there is one thing we Blazer fans have learned is that Spanish guards have aggressive agents who like to pop off at the mouth. And this reeks of something an agent would do. Who knows, maybe Sergio’s agent did it for fun. I mean, lets just think about this logically. Rudy played 25.6 minutes a game which was the 5th most on the team. How does he complain about that? During the season it never once seemed like he was anything but satisfied in Portland. I mean, color me blind, but I couldn’t have been the only person who never sniffed a hint of unhappiness from Rudy Fernandez, right? I’m sure it was an adjustment for him, but it never once seemed like he was unhappy with what was going on. Time after time it seemed as if Rudy would always point out how satisfied he was with Portland and the team and the fans. Even at times when as a fan you wonder if he should be frustrated he never gave off any vibes. That’s why it’s just a bit hard to imagine him going from content to ‘infuriated’ in a matter of hours. Logically,  if Rudy has so unhappy this whole season with the organization than why are Casey Holdahl and co. even over there? Unless he’s the world’s greatest actor there’s no way this wouldn’t have been sniffed by now.

Also,  if anyone should be infuriated about Portland going after Hedo it’s Travis Outlaw, followed by Martell Webster with a hint of worry from Nic Batum. Because Turkoglu’s arrival means one or two of them are on their way out shortly. Turkoglu at the 3 should not affect Rudy’s PT at all. You’re potentially looking at a crunch-time lineup of Roy/Rudy/Turkoglu/LMA/Oden, which should only make him happy. We know he can create his own shot but he’ll have three offensive weapons taking pressure off of him and two guys who can make his life a ton easier.

Maybe they have some sort of super-secret beef that no one knows about? Who knows. I still can’t truly wrap my brain around this one, but for now I’m going to place myself in the ‘highly skeptical’ category until I hear something with a bit more bite to it. It just sniffs like Spanish gossip if you ask me. I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again but the timing is just a bit odd. It’s just a little too expensive for me to buy in this economy.

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  • Don

    If Rudy would have given the Blazers ANYTHING in the playoffs, this would be a non issue. I never saw him as a whiner until now.

    Rudy, you’re a good player, but you’re not at the level where you can make demands from the Blazers as to who they puruse or not. Unfortunately, if these rumors are true, you just took a nosedive in my book.

  • Johnny

    I think the issue is twofold. For one, most of Rudy’s minutes last year came running at the three in McMillan’s swing-system. With Hedo coming in – evening assuming (and I think the assumption is obvious – Outlaw appears headed to the Bulls) Travis is no longer around, the three-spot becomes stacked with him, Martell, and Batum. The Blazers appear to be rightly unwilling to consider moving Batum, are catagorically unable to move Webster for anything nearing the value they place on him after injuries – so it really appears, with Hedo, Rudy’s only minutes will come at the two behind the face of the franchise. While that “crunch-time” lineup is appealing as a fan, I can’t imagine the notion of a guaranteed two-minutes is enough to keep one of the best international players in the league sated.

    The second problem isn’t new, it was just – hopefully – longer-term. Rudy is going to have to be a starter, and beyond that, a creator on a team at some point. He’s too good not to be. The reality of the situation is Brandon Roy plays the same position, and that role just isn’t ever going to be granted Fernandez with the Blazers. As a fan, you hoped you might get a couple of years from him before he jumped ship, and hopefully something of value on the back end. It’s simply unreasonable to expect a player of his stature to be happy long-term in a backup role. Rudy’s not one of the building-blocks. He’s a role-plYER ON THIS CLUB.

    Now that role seems to’ve been reduced farther. It’s time to seek something of value for him now.

    Here’s an interesting thought: I’m from Arizona, and a Suns fan first, though my fifteen-years in Portland have certainly bred some kinda illicit love for the team, and it’s currently impossible not to be absolutely enamored with Pritchard’s kids – particularly with my team blowing themselves up in some sorta Mad Max, apocalypse-seeking self-implosion. What about Steve Nash to the Blazers for Rudy, Jeff Pendergraph (2009 2nd-round pick), Steve Blake, and some combination of future first-round picks and the Blazers foreign cache? The Suns get a solid young core with Pendergraph assumably replacing Amar’e, Rudy playing point-two, and three, and pieces for the future. They flip Blake with one of their many small forwards and possible Jason Richardson for a speedy young point and whatever pieces still need getting after the Amar’e mess sees daylight (I understand, just based on salary-parity, the third team might need to be present from the get-go). The Blazers get the best point guard in the game and immediately become contenders (especially with Hedo on board), as well as unclogging the logjam at point and giving Bayless an outstanding player to grow behind. They also cut salary by shedding Blake’s and their foreign-blocs contracts, all without giving up a real piece in their present or future team (not demeaning Blake here, but Nash is obviously an upgrade).

    I think it accomplishes what both teams are after, helps rid both teams of baggage, and, ultimately makes both better for now, and the long-run. Plus, it gives Steve Nash the opportunity he deserves to play for a ring.

    What do you think?

  • Johnny

    Just a quick look at the possible depth-chart after:

    1. Steve Nash, Jared Bayless, Kirk Heinrich
    2. Brandon Roy, Kirk Heinrich, Jared Bayless
    3. Hedo Turkaglu, Niclus Batum, Martell Webster
    4. LMA, Dante Cunnigham
    5. Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla

    And for the Suns:

    1. Stephen Curry, Goran Dragic
    2. Rudy Fernandez, Leandro Barbosa
    3. Grant Hill (or Kelenna Azubuike), Earl Clark, Matt Barnes
    4. Jeff Pendergraph, Brandon Wright, Louis Admunson
    5. Andris Biedrins, Robin Lopez

    The Suns scenario is obviously a little too clouded to picture right now, and the Blazers come up thin at the four again – but perhaps, in the intangibles – they could package a piece from the Suns or the implied third-party team with Travis Outlaw (and maybe a sign-and-trade Channing Frye) to the Bulls and pry Tyrus Thomas away with Heinrich. I like the floating reserve-rotation of Bayless and Heinrich playing both point and two, as both are combo-ish guards.

  • Johnny

    And, remember – ultimately, the Blazers lineup is supposed to look like this:

    1. Bayless
    2. Roy
    3. Batum
    4. LMA
    5. Oden

    So what’s the best path to that eventuality? And what can be accomplished while that lineup develops? With Nash and Hedo as your go-betweens, I think championships.

  • Brett

    Im not a big fan of Tourkapoo. His offense is tough but defense just flat out sucks. Gundy yelled at him mutiple times sayin “That’s Kobe Bryant your guarding”. You need a guy that can contend Kobe-Lebron ect. If Oden could play D like D Howard and not foul I would feel more comfortable about Tourkapoo but dont like what we are paying and for how long. I wouldnt miss Outlaw. He is not a good team ball player and almost all of his shots leave me yelling NOOO, occasionally followed by YESS! I like the idea of getting a WISE OLD point guard leader. Kevin P earned his bucks with the guys he has gotten. I clap my hands as I write this. Lets not do a Jermaine Oneal though and get rid of youth for some washed up guy. My A list (do not trade) Roy (obvious), LMA (obvious), Oden (what if he is healthy and doesnt foul), Prz(most improved player and always reliable), Batum (MVP stopper in 2 years?), Rudy (all around team player that can hit the 3). Is there any way we can get a great point (Nash, Billups, Rondo, Brooks)?

  • Alex S.

    lol at Brooks being thrown in as a “great” point.

    If following Europe soccer has taught me anything… don’t believe a report until you see some quotes from the player.

  • Coup

    ^^^ FTW

  • Walker

    “Rudy is going to have to be a starter, and beyond that, a creator on a team at some point. He’s too good not to be… It’s simply unreasonable to expect a player of his stature to be happy long-term in a backup role.”

    I thought Manu Ginobili stayed in SA…

  • Johnny

    Manu was backing-up Bruce Bowen, not Brandon Roy, and could never find a niche in the starting five, only coming in and attacking tired, often second-lines. Not saying he’s not often brilliant, or clutch, or trying to deny his impact over the last decade – or whatever – but he’s a different player than Rudy. And, anyway, Manu wasn’t happy about it either until he was given his shot, repeatedly, and couldn’t hack it. Also, he was getting more minutes than the starters (can you foresee Rudy getting thirty of Roy’s?) and winning LOTS of championships.

  • Brett


    6. Alex S. Says:

    lol at Brooks being thrown in as a “great” point.

    Sure bud… he sucks. Definition of Great :a person who has achieved distinction. Hmmm professional NBA point guard on last of 8 left in playoffs. Someone tell the Rockets to dump him.

  • flashy Mc loop

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