Pistons fire Michael Curry....

MLive.com reports that the Detroit Pistons have fired Michael Curry as their head coach after one season.

Not much else to say about it. A little over a year ago when he was hired I questioned the move and…well…I guess I was right. Not much else to add as it was clear during the season that Curry was simply overmatched. He foolishly tried to play Allen Iverson and Rip Hamilton at the same time, then completely botched Rip Hamilton in every single way, followed by his team putting in one of the poorer efforts in NBA Playoff history. His only positive? Looking like a relative of Lamar Odom’s at times.

My question is how many more lives does Joe Dumars have?

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  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    But they might get Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva!!

    errr…yeah. At some point Dumars is going to have to do something to keep the media on his side.

  • SJ

    Not to kick Detroit while they are down or anything but they are setting themselves up for some issues this off-season. It’s obvious that they are going to sign someone. And in my mind I believe they are going to overpay for someone. No disrespect to Boozer, Hedo, BG, Villanueva and co. but I don’t sniff any one player that is taking them over the hump.

  • steven cinco

    Curry got jobbed. When that bonehead Dumars traded their anchor and team leader (Billups) for a guy (Iverson) that everyone in the world, but Joe and a hand-full of homers, thought would pan out in Piston’s blue, he essentially blew the season up. It’s amazing they even made the playoffs considering the entire team quit by game 5 of the reg. season. I feel bad for Dice. He could of we went to the Cav’s and at least had a shot at a championship. If Dumars hires Laimbeer, as much as I love both those guys, it’s all over. There are better coaches than Curry out there, but it seems Joe D was the one who eally screwed the pooch.