Rip City Wednesday Links

-Kevin McHale is out of Minnesota, and this might have been the first news broken by a player via Twitter. This means something for the future of sports media, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet. I smell a long, theoretical post on the way…

-Sammy Sosa’s recent quotes sound pretty dumb considering his positive steroid test from ’03, but maybe he just needs a translator. (My reaction, I don’t care, nor am I surprised.)

-Shaq going bananas on Chuck Lidell. The Big Tweetcus is priming himself up nicely for a post-playing career.

-Roasting the new most winningest coach in NBA History.

-The six ACC players to know that are staying in the draft.

-The Magic aren’t the only ones dealing with a post-Finals hangover.

-Trevor Ariza wants to return to where he just won a championship. Smart move? It’s a tossup.

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