Hedo Turkoglu to Portland “plausible”

ESPN is doing a little free-agency advance scouting today with the big names in the NBA Finals, and Chris Sheridan was tasked with looking into his crystal ball to determine Hedo Turkoglu’s future. What Sheridan actually wrote doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know, the interesting fact is just that he listed the Blazers as one of Hedo’s four “most plausible” scenarios:

Signing with Portland, or going to the Trail Blazers in a sign-and-trade

Because Darius Miles went back on the Blazers’ books for $9 million midway through the 2009-10 season, their cap space for the upcoming season has shrunk to somewhere around $7 to $9 million, depending on whether they renounce their rights to overseas players Petteri Koponen and Joel Freeland.

Some sources, while cautioning against Portland’s proclivity for subterfuge, are saying the Blazers covet a point guard upgrade from Steve Blake more than they covet a small forward upgrade from Nicolas Batum. If that’s the case, they might decide to swing an uneven trade, salary-wise, in which they use their cap space to bring in a top-tier point guard rather than Turkoglu or another small forward.

Take from that what you will.

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  • Don

    I really hope we don’t go after Turk…he’s a very good player, but he’s not what we need. I think Martell and Batum can hold down the 3 very well. Keep in mind that a lot of people picked Martell to have a breakout season last year after all the hard work he had put in.

    Our efforts need to be in upgrading the point guard position, and finding a bruising backup power forward. If we fill those needs, we will be a power to be reckoned with. Imagine:

    1 – Rafer Alston or ???(Orlando has a PG surplus problem – I say, let’s help them out).
    2 – Roy
    3 – Batum/Webster
    4 – Aldridge
    5 – Oden

    That team is going places. And with backups like Fernandez, Bayless and Pryzbilla, our bench is as good as anyones.

  • Don

    I just want to add one point of clarification. Turk would upgrade us at the 3, but at what cost? If we sign him, we are essentially saying that we’re comfortable at the PG. I’d rather upgrade there.

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    If Alston is our only “upgrade” of the offseason, I would be severely dissapointed. Anything short of Kidd/Miller/Hinrich/Sessions probably isn’t worth it.

  • Don

    Alston’s a good point. I didn’t say he would be our only upgrade. I’d love to see us pick up Hansborough to back up Aldridge. And in essence, getting Webster back and all the fellas being one year more experiences are also upgrades. I don’t know if I’d get excited about Kidd, although he would be a good mentor for Bayless. He’s too slow now. Hinrich would be welcome, especially on the defensive side.

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    Hansbrough isn’t getting past Utah at pick No. 20.

    We haven’t had anyone who could run a fast break in years. And national writers wonder why we don’t run more…

    Alston’s 33. If we’re going after a veteran point, my thinking is you get someone who will make a serious impact, at least on offense. Not a marginal upgrade for 2-3 years.

    Kidd could be as slow as 2004 Sabonis and he would still positively affect our running game.

  • Don

    You’re right about Hansborough. That’s why we need to trade up. It wouldn’t take much to move past Utah.

    I wish we would run more too, but I would be shocked if we ended up being more of a running team under McMillan. I hope it happens, but I’m not holding my breath. We always seem to play better when we run. I don’t get it. That’s one of the main reasons Sergio has struggled at Portland.

    Alston is the perfect age to come in and tutor Bayless. You’re right. He has another couple of years in him…just about as long as it will take Bayless to figure things out. That’s exactly one of the reasons why I think he would fit…although I’d still prefer Hinrich for his defensive tenacity.

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  • Billyjoejack

    I think the Blazers should target McDyess as the back up power forward free agent

  • ryan

    I think Hedo would be a great pick up, here’s my reason. If we pick him up we can trade away a travis outlaw,or nick batum, along with a bayless or Rodriquez, to get a Steve Nash or a Jason Kidd

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    Best thing about that is Kidd is a free agent, too. Nash, though, isn’t going anywhere via trade.