Jason Kopono to Philly for "tough guy" Reggie Evans

We officially have our first trade of the NBA mid-Finals offseason. Doesn’t have much, if anything, to do with Portland, it’s just exciting to get the ball moving in the trade market. Toronto saves about $2 million a year for the next two years with the move, and the Raps sure could use the frontcourt help. Still seems like a lock that they’ll take DeMar DeRozan with the No. 9 pick if he’s still on the board.

For the Sixers, well, they must be banking on Elton Brand staying healthy for a full year and/or Speights continuing to grow, because now they only have them, Dalembert, Jason Smith and Donny Marshall under the boards (and that’s being Christmas generous to Marshall) to pair with Iguodala and Young at the 3 spot. They did need a shooter, though, and now they’ve got a fine one.

The big question that must be raised is, why didn’t they just keep Kyle Korver in the first place?

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