Goodbye Hansbrough, Hello Blair?

Chad Ford updated his news about the NBA Draft. A lot of high praise for Tyler Hansbrough and some bummy news for DeJuan Blair fans. The article is entitled: ‘Hansbrough big winner’ so combining this with Byron Scott’s praise last week and Hansbrough’s stock seems to be on the rise. I would almost say it’s a guarantee that he doesn’t drop to Portland at 24. Here’s some of the praise Ford had for Psycho T:

“I think it’s time to declare Hansbrough the big winner of the 2009 NBA draft combine.

He basically measured the same size as Kevin Love, Drew Gooden, Paul Millsap and David Lee.

His vertical-jump numbers weren’t terrible, either. At 34 inches, he matches up with the combine scores of Emeka Okafor, LaMarcus Aldridge and Nene. And better than Chris Bosh.

His no-step vertical was a little more troubling at just 27½ inches, but that equaled or bettered Carlos Boozer, Aldridge and Charlie Villanueva.”

“I think we have to re-evaluate him,” one lottery-team GM told me. “You get used to seeing a guy through a certain set of glasses. This forces you to rethink and ask yourself whether you misjudged him. I think if you need a big, you have to consider him.”

So for any of you who had jumped on the Hansbrough to Portland bandwagon with me, it’s time we just go home because he gone. But there is something of a silver lining. Here’s what Ford had to say about DeJuan Blair:

“However, the news became much grimmer for Blair when the results of the medical testing came back. Multiple NBA teams are saying Blair’s knees have been red-flagged.”

“Whether the concern ends up being a small or large factor in Blair’s draft stock, it’s a shame when you consider the momentum he has had since the season ended. With so few bigs in the draft, he was looking at being a potential late lottery pick. That now seems less likely. Although being red-flagged isn’t necessarily a death knell to your draft stock (remember all the concerns about Greg Oden two years ago), it could deter a team in the lottery from taking the risk.”

In our mock draft we have Blair at #11 to the Nets. Could he fall to Portland? Would you still want him and his possible bum knees? A lot of speculating from my end but it’s the off-season, why not have a little fun with it?


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