Outlaw and Blake = Safe (kind of)

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune + Kevin Pritchard = something to talk about.

“I don’t see a scenario where we don’t pick up their options,” Pritchard says. “They’ve both been terrific for us. We like those guys way too much.”

So while they both could possibly be traded, their options will be picked up. I don’t think this is a shocker at all but when you’re dehydrated for something to talk about it becomes news. I couldn’t have imagined why Portland wouldn’t pick their options up, Blake is the starting PG and Outlaw is the sixth man. You don’t let key parts of the team walk off for free. KP also had this to say about the Draft:

“At 24, you better not be focused on a position,” Pritchard says. “You don’t pass on good players at any position that late in the (first) round.”

Now I have no clue what Portland is going to do in the draft. Honestly. Is he hoping someone falls? Is he going to trade up? Who knows. I sure as heck don’t.

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