Chad Ford thinks Portland is trading

Of course, that’s pretty much what Mr. Ford always says about Portland, but his comments in today’s chat were fairly interesting:

Mike (Portland, OR): Any ideas what Portland is up to this off-season? It seems unlikely we stay at 24… I expect us in the Top 10 or not in the 1st round at all.. Your thoughts?

SportsNationChad Ford: (1:44 PM ET ) From what I’ve been told, Blazers will trade the pick to the highest bidder. They have plenty of young players and would like a little more cap flexibility

Now, does highest bidder mean they’re simply looking for cash considerations or future picks? We’ll see, but if they’re looking for flexibility this summer you have to think KP already has his eyes set on a player or two.

  • SJ

    I don’t know how I feel about just selling a first round pick though. It’s what we did to Phoenix twice and it worked out pretty well for us and down the line pretty poopy for them. I don’t think we need to make that kind of move quite yet.

  • Coup

    Well, if saving the money on a first-round guaranteed contract get Pritch the free-agents/deals he wants, I have no problem with it. We’ll have people freaking out for a few weeks there, though.