Let’s Go Hansbrough

Not on the Hansbrough to Portland bandwagon? Get on it. From Jonathan Givony over at NBA.com.

“Tyler Hansbrough is clearly a man on a mission. Every time he touches the ball, the entire gym knows, as he takes out all of his frustrations on the rim. He’s in great shape, jumping better than many of his counterparts, and also measuring out taller than most people expect him to, coming up with almost identical figures to that of Blake Griffin. You can sense that executives in the gym are starting to warm up to him more and more.”

Yeah. I can dig it.

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  • Billyjoejack

    yes I can dig it.lets get him and make him our K. Mchale or our K.Rambis. I think he will be that kind of player.

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    McHale and Rambis do not belong in the same sentence as one another…

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    McHale and Rambis have no business being in the same setence just like Hansbrough and frist round draft pick have no business being in the same paragraph.

    Tyler is all heart and I respect that, but I hope you were watching the Tourney when UNC and Oklahoma played each other. Blake Griffin abused Hansbrough. Granted Blake is the top prospect in the draft, but the NBA is filled with guys who were among the top prospects in their drafts as well. If Sean May couldn’t live up to the hype then why will Tyler?

  • Billyjoejack

    We’ll just have to wait and see how they turn out.

  • Sly

    Just Blog Baby… Did you even watch the OK and UNC game? Hansbrough and Blake Griffin were matched up for maybe the first 10 minutes of the game before Hansbrough picked up two questionable fouls. During that time how many points did Griffin have? Wait for it… Waaaiiiit for it… ZERO! Only then did Blake score and that was when Thompson was on him. Hansbrough moved on to guard Taylor Griffin in the second half.

    Yea. Move along.

    P.S. Sean may was doing just fine before he got hit with some injuries. Not surprising for a guy with his build.