Ramon Sessions ready to be stolen?

If you’re one of those Blazer fans who want to see Portland sign Ramon Sessions this off-season, here is some good news. From Tom Enlund of the… *deep breath* Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (phew) comes news that the Bucks are looking to make ‘sound financial decisions’ and have ‘financial discipline’. Essentially, they don’t want to pay the luxury tax. Maybe they’ll trade their pick which would free a little bit of cash up who knows, but it looks as if they won’t be able to match offers for both Charlie Villanueva and, you guessed it, Mr. Sessions.

Here is the thing though, thanks to the Arenas Rule, no team can offer Sessions a starting salary more than the MLE. So if the Bucks want to give him the keys to the car it’s not like anyone can really out-big him for whatever he is going to make next year. That being said, either way it looks as if it is going to be mighty difficult for the Bucks to keep Sessions. Should Portland go after Sessions? He can create for himself and others, this is a known fact. You don’t put up 44 points and 12 assists if you’re a bum. Against him? Inability to shoot and Bucks blog BrewHoop says he’s not a great defender. I’ll take their word for it. It is those two ‘concerns’ that strongly put me in the ‘no’ camp when it comes to Sessions. Comparing him to Blake he’s not a significant upgrade defensively and a major downgrade in the ‘ability to shoot’ category. I don’t care how many times you throw up junk at the end of a quarter, shooting 17.6% from behind the arc is stink, stank, stanky. We’re talking ‘Dutch Oven’ type stink. I don’t think Sessions is the kind of upgrade the Blazers need long-term, I’d much rather have Blake and Bayless and sign a big and see what they can do than waste space on Sessions.

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  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    I don’t know about Sessions with the Blazers yet, but I think you’re selling him a little short. He only attempted .1 threes a game this season, so at least he wasn’t clanking them all game.

    Much rather have him than Ridnour. But would you rather have Sessions or Hinrich? Probably Hinrich.

    Either way, the Bucks would be wise to keep him.

  • SJ

    I don’t care if he attempted .03 threes a game, he made 17 percent. That’s awful. I know he can ball, but when you think about him fitting in with this team in particular…defenses can guard him like they did Sergio. Of course Sessions has the tools to punish teams by attacking the basket, but if they sag off of him enough he’ll have to shoot jumpers and I’ll have to cringe. I don’t want that in my life.

    That second sentence made me want Sessions even less because I’d easily pick Hinrich over him and I don’t want Hinrich. Because of the price tag. I’d rather keep Blake than get either of them if you smell what I’m cooking.

    Sidenote, what’s up with the Alanis Morrisette type irony of me doo-dooing on Calathes being a Blazer and then Chad Ford having us pick him in his next mock draft. I should send him an e-mail.

  • Alex S.

    Sessions is a hooper! he gets triple doubles! does blake? noo… does blake even get double digits in assists? noo…

    Still, Sessions isn’t much of an upgrade to the potential of bayless.

    I’ll pass on Sessions.

  • Larenzo

    Ramon is staying with the bucks. Why? Because they know they dont have another true point guard on the bench. Ridnour sucks. And for your info Ramon will bust Blakes ass in basketball any day. The bucks will not have to pay Ramon that much to keep him. I think he will get at least 5 million tops, if that much. Im from milwaukee and i have seen Ramon play and he is a true point guard. Sure his three is off but he does not take alot of attempts. Look at his fieldgoal percentage though, about 45%, obviously he is making something three or not. Dont worry about Ramon coming to portland because he is staying right here in milwaukee. P.S. Bayless sucks and Blake has never put up any of the numbers Ramon has.

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    You lost me at Bayless sucks…he didn’t get invited to play with Team USA by accident.

  • SJ

    I’m not trying to downgrade Sessions’ game, I think the Bucks should keep him so I can draft him on my fantasy team. I just don’t think he’s a major upgrade for Portland. One thing that caught my eye:

    ‘Blake has never put up any of the numbers Ramon has’

    Like I said in the post, you don’t up 44 points and 12 assists if you’re a bum so Sessions isn’t trash but to say Blake hasn’t put up those numbers? Untrue. If you mean the 44/12 type deal that Sessions does once a year than ok you have a point. But for the season here’s the comparison:

    Sessions: 12.4 PPG, 5.7 AST, 3.04 REB, 1.05 STL, 44.5% FG, 17.6% 3PT, 27.5 MIN

    Blake: 11.0 PPG, 5.0 AST, 2.5 REB, 1 STL, 42.8% FG, 42.7% 3PT, 31.7 MIN

    Over the course of the season, yes Steve Blake puts up the same numbers Sessions does.

  • Wesley

    Ramon is trying to fit in on a team that has no identity. This kid is going into his third year and his upside is bright. If he’s with a team that defines his role he will thrive. I expect those who a bashing Ramon fail to remember he is young and is headed upward.

  • Daniel


    Sessions numbers as a starter last year:

    15.1 PPG, 7.6 APG, 4.2 RPG, 1.34 SPG, 44.4% FG, 33.7 MPG.

    As for the Arenas rule, teams can offer as much as they are normally able to. The only difference is that if the Bucks match (and the offer is larger than the midlevel), then the salary starts out as the midlevel, and makes a big jump in the third year of the deal:


  • Jabow

    Sessions is a lot better than what we give him credit for I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s a top 15 player at his position hands down! Skiles didn’t draft him and I know he’s better than Hinrich Blake and Bayliss he just went to a school at Nevada Reno and nobody knew who he was but as of right now he’s a no brainer cheap player that get’s it done could play for my team now.