Remember when draft workouts mattered?

I sure do and it feels so, so far away. Positive of a 54-win season: the draft is way less stressful. It’s no longer make or break. It’s nearly relaxing. We find a steal? Awesome. We trade the pick and some players? Even better. Pretty much anything the Blazers do in the draft will get a thumbs up from me. Just anything but a European project. Please. Monia, Khryapa, Freeland and Petteri…I’ve had enough. Portland had their first summer workouts and…meh….I didn’t care. I still don’t while writing this post. It sure doesn’t help that the majority of the guys worked out are looking at second round status. But for those who care, Casey Holdahl hooked it up yesterday and Joe Freeman has a breakdown right here. Real good stuff.

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  • panfolk

    This is the first workout of a team that does not hold a lottery pick. With luck we’ll get to attend those big multiteam workouts. Not many big names will come to Portland I’d wager. I liked Khryapa as a prospect and he had a few flashes, he just didn’t pan out. If he had he’d have been a slasher to be feared, for sure.

    Freeland and Petteri have a combined age of 40, unless I’m mistaken, so I think it’s too soon to judge them.

    Besides I think it’s good to give the scouts their day anyhow.