Artest says Brandon Roy > Kobe Bryant

I’m not making it up. (Credit: Lake Show Life)

I have no words. Perhaps in Ron-Ron’s world he’s trying to play mental games with both Roy and Kobe at once. Ya know, kill Roy with kindness and try and engage Kobe in a 1-on-1 battle. Then again, this is Ron Artest and crediting him with that much thought is probably  giving him too much credit. It is. He made a rap CD and wanted time off because of it and changed his shoes three times in one game.


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  • Alex S.

    Craig also threw out Lebron’s name but Ron said Brandon is the best…. that is just false. We are not witnesses to Roy, we are witnesses to Lebron because he is a freak and can dunk his own head.

  • Walker

    I’m not sure a statement that Brandon is the best he’s played against necessarily qualifies as an argument that Brandon is the best in the league.

    Either way, I enjoy seeing Laker fans get so riled up about it.

  • Gils_Keloids

    Nothing to get riled up about – if you listen to interview (instead of reading blurbs about it), Ronron also says Roy<some guy from Ron’s hood in Queensbridge who went to jail, but that part gets left out of course

  • Coup

    However you look at it, this just reinforces that Ron Ron is…out there.

    Fingers crossed he hits his first three shots tonight.

  • Alfred

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