Rookie of the Year announced; Rudy Fernandez and Nic Batum got votes.

Literally moments ago on NBA TV, Derrick Rose was announced as the Rookie of the Year. It was a landslide victory for Rose as he took 111 of the 120 first place votes and 547 points total. Rose became the first player since LeBron James in 2004 to have won the award after being selected with the #1 draft pick and the 17th in history. In second place was OJ Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies (246 points), third was Brook Lopez of the Nets (127) and fourth was Russell Westbrook of the Thunder (73). Following them were Eric Gordon (22), Kevin Love (16) , Michael Beasley (7), Marc Gasol (4), Robin Lopez (3), RUDY! (3), Mario Chalmers (2), Courtney Lee (2) and Batum (1). There’s no doubt that Rose earned this one and not just because of his performance in the playoffs. His game was built for the pros.

How did the Blazers fare? Let’s take a look. Only 2 of the 4 Blazer rookies placed. Batum finished in dead last, receiving only one third-place vote for a whopping point total of 1. I guess the voters don’t like Nutella. At least Mr. Smooth got some sort of recognition for his efforts this season. Rudy finished 10th, receiving three third place votes for 3 points total. Rudy’s placement was a head-scratcher to this blogger. How he finishes tied with Robin Lopez  is just beyond me. I mean no offense to Lopez, but how Fernandez who broke the record for most three’s in a season by a rookie got equal points to Robin Lopez who played in 60 games, collected DNPs like it was a hobby and averaged 3 and 2 is just beyond me. He didn’t even really have the smallest impact on Phoenix’s season. Just ranting but yikes…as usual the voters make me wonder. Greg Oden….nowhere to be found. I’m sure someone will make a lot more of that than needs to be….but c’est la vie.

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