Channing Frye to the bench, Oden/Zilla together?

This is a pretty obvious move after yesterday, but Nate McMillan is moving Channing Frye back to the bench (ie. not playing) and making Travis Outlaw the backup power forward again. I like it. We talked about this in the live chat, but Channing is just too much of a defensive/rebounding liability and, while Outlaw might have similar issues, at least he creates awkward mismatches when Houston is on defense. Love Channing, but he just doesn’t have any business in a series as physical as this.

The other news is that Nate is considering playing Oden and Przybilla at the same time. It worked against Boston way back when (December) and I’ve been waiting a long time to see it again. If Greg can provide some semblance of a scoring punch, this could work out quite well. And if you are trying it against any team, it’s against Houston when you need the muscle.

If you’re wondering what two things are like at the same time, watch this. Joel is the beat, Greg is the chorus.

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  • abuzz

    To try and scapegoat Travios and/far less Channing as to why the Blazers lost, is akin to trying to make filet mignon out of meat loaf. With Yao’s 24 points at halftime and Houston’s fire hydrant of a guard hitting at the perimeter and driving…garbage time came early and stayed late. We needed big production from Pryz, LA and Blake and were unable to get it. Batum, deefense and no offense; Oden is less capable than Juan Valdez’s mule in carrying ability and not enough time in the game for Fernandez to hiot treys all night. A more complete team won which used all their assets to the best of their abilities.

  • Coup

    I don’t think anybody is scapegoating either one of them. It was pretty clear that this is not Channing’s kind of series and that creating mismatches with Travis at the 2 is the way to go.