Rip City Uprise...

Rip City Uprise. It’s the Blazers slogan for the 2009 NBA Playoffs. I have no beefs with the slogan at all. I’ve never really bought into them but professional teams do a lot worse than Rip City Uprise. I’m sure it will look good on a T-shirt. What I do have a problem with…well…is this song attached to the Rip City Uprise commercial. To borrow a quote from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, me and this song aren’t even blood. I have no qualms with sticking it. And stick it I shall. Well let me be more specific, its the song that accompanies it. To be honest with you this song just seems like one of those basketball themed rap songs they would throw on NBA 2K2 or the football ones from Madden in the early 00′s. Dead serious that’s what I think of when I hear this song. The video w/song if you haven’t seen it is embedded below. I’m not sure how old this video/song (can’t be more than a week) but apparently this has been airing on Comcast Sportsnet. Take a gander.

The video is quite the truth if you mute or imagine an appropriate song. The song…is hot garbage. I’m sad that this song could be the equivalent of what Bust-a-Bucket and Rip City Rhapsody were to me. Le sigh. I will say something positive about it, at least it’s better than the last ‘team-specific song that goes with a playoff slogan’ that the Blazers offered up. I can’t be the only one to remember that one. If you remember 2003, you remember ‘One Town. One Team. One Dream…and we believe’ in what had to have been the corniest and awful sounding song ever. I know it’s nowhere to be found on YouTube but good lord I remembered they would show the video and play the song before those Dallas games and I wanted to scream everytime.


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  • t

    would have sounded all right if someone like jadakiss was spitting the lyrics.

  • Duckman

    I agree, it’s a poorly recorded written and rapped song. Sounds like a couple teenagers got ahold of a drum machine and made a “song”. First time I heard it I said, “Who the hell approved this crap”? You would think they would have got one of the bands that do the Blazers theme song for the games record a song, not those yahoos. I hope to god they pull it soon for a real song.

  • Christine

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! this video and song it is soooo good. I think it is perfect, i was really pissed when they played some other crap song with the video, at the rally.

  • Brittany

    the blazer theme song is soooo stuiped and bory and the worst crap i ever heard. Man you people must be freaking old DANG. This is the best rap i ever heard it is perfect for the video tone death dumbasses

  • Blazer Girl

    This video is sooo good!! the first time i heard it, i thought it was just amazing. Dude this is NICE!! LOVE it. And ferenandez

  • SJ

    This guy = speechless.

  • Terry

    This song was actually writen before the season started by a local artist…JAE-LAVA. Pretty crazy if you think about the fact it’s kinda all come true. If you haven’t had a chance to hear the whole song…not just the chopped up version used for the commercial… go to and give it a listen. He get’s about 4000 plays a day…..I think someone likes him…I know I do :-)

  • saq

    the new song they are using on csn is so annoying…