Worldwide Leader has no love for B-Roy..

Is there anything worse than a boring professor? The answer is no. Anyways, skimming around to reduce my boredom I noticed ESPN was pimping their MVP ballots  from their “panel of experts”. I figure….why not take a gander? Of course it was the LeBron show featuring D-Wade and Kobe Bryant. What shocked me was that….Brandon Roy did not get a single vote. From anyone. 18 people got 5 votes each and Brandon Roy did not get a single one. Normally I wouldn’t make a sniff about this for various reasons. Firstly the MVP has been LeBron’s since December. Secondly, this is just made up and ESPN has a reputation for being dumb-dumbs about these types of things. But anything that will keep my brain from focusing on what this old man is saying is greatness.  Some of the people who got votes ahead of him just make me scratch my head. Tony Parker and Paul Pierce? I mean really?!?! Chauncey Billups, ok because he completely changed that Denver team. But how does Brandon Roy, the most important piece on the team with the 3rd best record in the West doesn’t get a single MVP vote baffles me. I mean not even a sniff.

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  • Coup

    Giving credit where it’s due, Hollinger did pick Roy as his most improved player, selecting him over Devin Harris, Danny Granger and Durant, so not a complete snub.

  • SJ

    ….Most Improved Player? Or as I like to call it ‘OMG we thought you were really bad but it turns out you aren’t as bad as we thought so take this as an apology.’ And usually they go back to sucking shortly after with the exception of Gilbert, T-Mac and Jermaine. Because it worked out so well when Zach Randolph won it. Roy got a one-way ticket to snub-city.

  • kellex

    Wow…I’m not sure really what to think about him not getting a single vote. And Chris Paul and Tony Parker ahead of him?

    Once again, proof that the NW gets no love.