No one on the corner has swagger like us...

This post by Casey Holdahl on the Blazers swag needs to be read. Multiple times. Blazer’s Edge dubbed it the ‘must-read article of the season’. I can’t disagree, it is tremendous. Read this over and over and over again. Ok, maybe not that many times but it is definitely a must read. If you don’t laugh at “Joel be swaggin” or Roy running down the whole teams swag until getting to Sergio and denouncing his swag minus little tight jackets… I don’t know what to tell you. You may need a humor transplant. Or you don’t understand what swag is.

Although the one part about this post that scares me is that people who have no business saying the word swagger will begin saying the word swagger. You all know who you are. I don’t like how that word is creeping into the announcing booth and studio shows. I predict someone who should not say it is going to say it this spring and I’m going to shake my head repeatedly. I’m looking at you Mark Jones and Mike Breen.

And while I’m linking on this Thursday, go read Quick’s behind the locker room piece.

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