Jason Quick for Sportswriter of the Year?

I’ve made up my mind. If Jason Quick had been giving us articles of this quality (fart jokes and all), insight and humor all season long, he’d be up for a Sportswriter of the Year nomination. I kid you not. This is what beat writers should be doing and Quick is trying his best (with the limits of a floundering print industry) to advance the profession. It’s nice to see him getting some print swag from guys like Bill Simmons, but he’s due more credit than that, from all of us. Trust me, he makes a blogger’s “job” both easier and more enjoyable.

UPDATE: I should’ve mentioned this before. Quick did win the NSSA (National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association) award for Best Oregon Sportswriter in 2002. The winner of the last two years…John Canzano.

UPDATE #2: Also should’ve clarified that I was saying Quick could be up for a National nomination (or at least some votes) even though he doesn’t have the name value in a big enough market to win the award. I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t win the Oregon honor from the NSSA.

  • Phil

    Is this the same Jason Quick who called Lamarcus a 3 year project with skinny legs?

    The same JQ who said the Blazers will have a tough time replacing Zach Randolphs 20&10 after he was traded to NY because Lamarcus was not ready to play starter minutes in the league?

    Is this the guy you are talking about?

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    It is the same. The guy has been an All-Star “this” season. Do you disagree?

  • Phil

    Yes, JQ is getting better @ telling us what goes on behind the scenes. Other than that, he’s a hack beat writer who said Aldridge won’t be able to replace what Zach did for the team.

    How’s Aldridge doing these days?

  • Shelby

    Aldridge is doing phenomenally well, better than many predicted. So is JQ. And the point is to recognize how someone is doing NOW, not how their predictions of 2-3 years ago have held up. I no longer work in publishing, but I know good writing and good work when I see it. If Canzano is winning awards, Quick should be getting bigger ones; the locker-room-door pieces are truly national-caliber. I’m sure he also knows they’re the foundation of a fabulous book that will come out in a few years: behind the scenes as the Blazers rose to national prominence.