Thank you Ric Bucher

Today might be unofficial Ric Bucher Appreciation Day.

Ok, it definitely isn’t Ric Bucher Appreciation Day and the mere thought of it makes me laugh harder than thinking of Lil Wayne performing in Utah. But I personally want to thank Mr. Bucher for his recent comments about the Blazers. I know…weird right. Not the comments that the Thunder have a brighter future than the Blazers, no, no. Those were just a moment of being a dumb-dumb. I’m thanking him for the other ones. The comments about the Blazers not having a point guard or a superstar. I thought the man was out of his mind yesterday. I mean I just about wanting to roll my sleeves up and bust out all sorts of ‘Really?!?!’ on him. And I know Blazer Nation was in a uproar…even Mike Barrett was shaking his head and making copies.

Taking a step backwards.. if his thoughts spark a fire under this team than we should all say thank you. And after what we saw last night and the comments I have read recently..I think it has lit a fire under certain people. As Jason Quick outlined today, part of the reason why Steve Blake and LaMarcus Aldridge are so successful is because they play with a chip on their shoulder. And that chip just got even bigger. For Steve Blake, it was a reminder of what he’s been hearing for his entire career. A reminder of what he’s been overcoming his entire career. I mean….the man’s nicknamed “Lieutenant Dan” and he knows how to choke people out. You don’t think he’s getting fired up over this? For LaMarcus, it was a reminder of the lack of national respect for his game. Bucher didn’t even talk about him. Actually, I’m going to speculate  double the chip for LaMarcus considering Bucher had just done an article on him.  And I’m sure by now that the words of Bucher have gotten to Brandon Roy. And we know how the Maestro has that quiet confidence…but also has a knack for proving the doubters wrong. Just another thought floating in his mind. Or in his facial hair.

So thank you Ric. As a token of our appreciation, we here at the RCP offer you a gift basket with tons of hair gel, some toothpaste and some coupons for streak at Outback. Because we got it like that.

UPDATE: Jason Quick posted another of the always, awesome ‘Behind the Blazers Locker Room’ series. He dropped this about LMA’s thoughts on the article:

“I took it personally as far as Brandon is concerned,” Aldridge said. “Brandon has proven that he’s an All-Star and he has led us the whole year. I felt it was disrespectful to him. But people, you know, are going to write things.”

Sticking up for B-Roy?!? It might kill part of what I said in the post, but this is truly one of the few “teams” in the NBA if you catch my drift.

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  • FeelTheLove

    Ric Bucher is trying to generate controversy. He intimated as much when he talked about how much press Portland has gotten. He might believe his article, he might not, but he certainly has gotten attention from it.

    That being said, there is no way that OKC has a better future than Portland. Durant is not the leader that Roy is, Green is not the player that Aldridge is, and Westbrook still has much to prove.

    I am also not one that believes that we made a mistake drafting Oden instead of Durant. The Blazers need more scoring and another player to run plays for? No, they need defense and offensive rebounding and once Oden figures out the difference between a good foul and bad foul he will be fine. Just stay on the floor, big fella, and everything else will sort itself out.