Southwest Swing

Tomorrow night in Oklahoma City, the Blazers begin their fifth and final “extended” road trip of the season. This version will be a 6-day, 4-game road trip which will take them through the Southwest. The four teams on this trip: Oklahoma City, Houston, San Antonio and Memphis. Portland has done well on their 4 other “extended” (four or more road games) trips and will need to do well to reach certain goals and aspirations. Here’s the history if you’d like a refresher:

  1. Nov 10th – Nov 18th (@ORL, MIA, NO, MIN, GS): 3-2
  2. Nov 30th – Dec 7th (@DET, NY, WAS, BOS, TOR): 4-1
  3. Jan 12th – Jan 17th (@CHI, PHI, NJ, CHA): 2-2
  4. Mar 15th – Mar 21st (@ATL, MEM, IND, CLE, MIL): 3-2

It’s shocking that it’s the tiny 3-game trips or 2-game trips that have done the Blazers in this season. Onto the trip at hand, the competition is obviously there. Two playoff teams fighting and clawing for playoff position and a division title of their own. Sandwiched in there are trap games at teams who could potentially play spoiler. Teams that the Blazers should not have a problem beating, but teams who will not go down easy. Memphis has won 3 of their last 4 and will surely be looking for revenge after the beatdown they took in the Rose Garden. And everyone remembers the massacre in OKC, not to mention this is a team that just won in San Antonio. Not to be taken lightly at all.

What is the worst that the Blazers can do?? I’d have to say 2-2. My assumption of the 2-2 would be to beat the lottery teams and lose to the playoff teams. It wouldn’t be the end of the world but it wouldn’t be great. Road trips are always wacky with the traveling, lack of energy and fatigue sometimes leading to those games where “you just don’t have it.”Best-case scenario? 3-1. Coming home having won 3 out of 4 on a road trip would be huge, especially considering one of those games would bring the Blazers closer to home-court advantage. The sad thing is both of these predictions fall into the realistic category. It’s very realistic that the Blazers could go 2-2. It’s also realistic that they could go 3-1. 1-3?!?! No, no, no.

How do you think the Blazers do on this trip?!?!

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